New Updates Coming This Week!

New Updates Coming This Week!

Some of you have noticed the site has not had many updates the past few months. With the increase of traffic I started moving the site over to a new host in the beginning of the year. During that transition, somehow, my account was compromised and the site was hijacked for ransom. I have been fighting with the hosts and credit card companies for the past few months trying to get everything sorted out. I believe today is that day. After many headaches (and password changes!) the site should be back up and running.

In addition to that, I now have access to my emails and forums. I believe myself to be tech savvy, but I made a rookie mistake… I used the same password for many sites when setting up this one. Again, after smacking myself in the head a few times (AND CHANGING MANY PASSWORDS!), I am ready to continue the effort of finding out what is real and fake 4K media.

Thanks everyone for the numerous emails that I need to catch up on and the concerns shown within. I will be catching up on emails and movie posts this coming week.

– Russell

Site Admin