Setup Your 4K Home Theater

Welcome to part one for getting the most out of 4K in your home!  This first article, 'Setup Your 4K Home Theater' will be focusing on physical media and the components needed to watch TV and movies in your living room or home theater. Listed below are a few options and tips for getting your home theater ready for 4K.  Each category has multiple prices and feature options that offer you a great starting point.  This article won't go into great depth of every feature for every device, there are plenty of great resources for that already, this column is more of a quick start guide.

(updated February 16th, 2018)

Choosing a 4K UHD TV should be your first priority. When buying a 4K TV there are many features to look for. HDR/Dolby Vision/HLG is the latest feature to grab many peoples attention; it allows for a greater depth of color and enhances highlights and shadows.  It is the way the industry is going but it is not required.  It is highly recommended that you get a TV with that feature. There are no UHD TV's that offer 4K in 3D, any 3D options you see are for 1080p. When in doubt look for this logo.

UHD Blu-ray Players

The second essential piece of equipment you need is a 4K UHD player.  Make sure when purchasing a UHD player that it is NOT only a '4K upscaling' unit.  Currently, there are no UHD players that offer 4K in 3D, any 3D options you see are for 1080p. When in doubt look for this logo.

  • Xbox One S 
  • Real 4K | HDR: Yes | WiFi: Yes | 3D: Yes(Blu) | Streaming Apps: Yes | DTS:X/Dolby Atmos: Yes
  • $299-$400
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4K Amplifiers/Receivers
To get the most out of your new discs, you'll want to pick up an amp that can decode Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. These new formats allow for height channels which really draw you into a film. In addition to the new height channels you typically gain a few extra surround as well, 5.1 setups are so 2005.  Alternatively, you can hook up your 4K UHD player directly to your TV for a 4K picture and standard Blu-ray audio running to your existing amp. When in doubt look for these logos.

Speaker Packages
Many of you currently own surround sound systems, but here are a few great choices for an upgrade or starter kit.  Speakers included with your fancy new TV are horrible, make your home theater experience something special by adding a surround sound system.
HDMI Cables
Any HDMI cable certified as '2.0' will work, just make sure you check the specs (18Gbps, NOT 10.2Gbps).  Don't fall for name brand hype. HDMI cables are digital, they either work or don't work. AmazonBasic's line of cables are fantastic and have a great price, they are highly recommended. When in doubt look for 18.0 Gbps in the description.

AmazonBasics 6’ - HDMI 2.0 | Ethernet | 1080p 3D | 4K @ 60Hz | 48bit/px depth - $7

AmazonBasics 15’ - HDMI 2.0 | Ethernet | 1080p 3D | 4K @ 60Hz | 48bit/px depth - $11

AmazonBasics 10' - HDMI 2.0 | Ethernet | 1080p 3D | 4K @ 60Hz | 48bit/px depth - $11 (2 Pack)

AudioQuest Diamond 9’ - Will a $1,900 cable make your picture look better? (It won't, but it does have free shipping!)

Miscellaneous Gear to complete your experience

Speaker Cable - MediaBridge 100' White $30  |  MediaBridge 100' Clear/Copper $17 -  In general, look for 14 AWG.

Universal Remote - Logitech Harmony 350 $32  |  Logitech Harmony Home Control $140

Surge Protector - Belkin 12 Outlet $21  |  Don't go crazy buying a $100 surge. Most offer a $100,000+ lifetime warranty anyway. 

Wall Mounts - Cheetah Tilt Mount 32"-65" $25  |  VideoSecu Articulating Mount 37"-70" $70

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Still have questions? Feel free to contact me if you need advice on how to build the ultimate home theater!
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