Apple Announces AppleTV 4K and UHD Movie in iTunes


Apple recently announced they will be releasing an updated version of their home theater movie and tv streaming device appropriately named the AppleTV 4K and it’s available to order now.  Not only will the new device be able to store and stream 4K UHD movies and TV shows, it is also ready to access iTunes new 4K versions of movies. As of this post there are about 150 movies ready to be downloaded in 4K and a good number of them have HDR or Dolby Vision.  No word on rentals yet but to buy a 4K movie the price is $20, the same price as 1080p quality. not only that but any movie you own in HD will automatically get a FREE upgrade to 4K, not a bad start Apple!

In light of this I will be adding links to iTunes for the movies already in the database here on Real or Fake 4K and for the new exclusive movies they have I will be adding new entries over the next few weeks. Keep checking back for the latest updates which roll in 2-3 times a week.

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