Adding FandangoNOW 4K + HDR Titles to the Site


As requested by many people who visit the site I have been starting to add FandangoNOW 4K titles.  Fandango bought M-Go in early 2016 and rebranded.  Since then they have been steadily building their library including a few titles only available on their platform.  They are UltraViolet compatible and have partnered with LG, Samsung, and Roku.

You’ll only be able to watch these movies if you have an LG or Samsung UHD TV or a Roku 4K Ultra HD player.  As those are two of the biggest names in 4K UHD televisions you might already have one in your home.  Most 2016 and newer LG/Samsung 4K TVs have FandangoNOW built into the OS.  Any Roku 4K player can access FandangoNOW as well, including the new Streaming Stick+.

As of this writing, FandangoNOW has 235 UHD movies with 185 of those having HDR.  I’ve emailed my rep to see what the audio quality options are available, there is no mention on the site (which leads me to believe it is only DD 5.1).  I’ll update this page when I hear back.

As of Feb 21st, I have added 42 FandangoNOW movies. I will be adding about 12 a day until they are all listed. Use the ‘FandangoNOW‘ sort link below the main header.

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