2017 Site Fun Facts

Now that 2017 is coming to a close I thought it would be an interesting time to go over some of the website stats and quirks! I’m going to break it down into three sections: -MEDIA STATS- where I throw out some numbers on the contents of the site and -USER STATS- let’s find out a bit about you, -SEARCH STATS- where your browsing habits are on display for all to laugh at!


Overall there are about 475 movie and TV listings on the site. 

Of those, 215 are ‘Real 4K’, 28 are ‘Nearly 4K’, and 240 are ‘Fake 4K’.

There are 320 HDR titles and ~260 movies and tv shows available with immersive surround formats (Atmos and DTS:X)

You can browse 285 movies on UHD disc and watch around 400 streaming options.

….380 movies 55 tv shows…..


The site has grown since 2016 with 120% more listings added and the user base has jumped by about 300%

55% of you visit with a laptop/desktop, 40% of you are on mobile and 5% are using a tablet.

The most popular screen sizes are:  1920×1080 at 16% of the total screen count, followed by 360×640 at 11% and 375×667 with 8%.  (The last 3 generations of iPhones and Galaxy phones.)  And I am assuming all of the 1280×1024 screens are those of you browsing at work on your ancient monitor!

Mobile screens report differently due to ‘Retina’ screens. 360×640 are iPhone 6,7,8 and Galaxy S  and 375×667 are iPhone 6+,7+,8+ and Galaxy S+

Visitors from 165 countries have visited with 40% of the users coming from the USA, 10% from the UK, and 5% from Germany. I’m not feeling the love from Botswana, Turkmenistan, or Western Sahara!

Looking at the total pageviews across the entire site, 14.5% accounted the main page loading, 11% in the ‘Real 4K’ category, and the Simple List View page hit 7.5% of total hits.

The most popular titles were: ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’ with 1.5%, ‘Logan’ with 1.3%, ‘Stranger Things’ with 1.2%, ‘Wonder Woman’ with 0.9%, ‘Interstellar’ with 0.8%, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ with 0.8% and ‘Planet Earth II’ also at 0.8% of total page views.  What is really surprising is that half of those titles were only added to the site in the past 2 months!

Consistently, one of the other highest viewed pages was ‘XXX: Return of Xander Cage’… the top referral?  Google with the search term “4K XXX”.  I know what you are really looking for… and trust me… the resolution can be too high!!!  The amount of people who view the page and turn around is 99.96%.


This area little skewed, I changed search function at the beginning of October, but the results are still interesting and (as you’ll see) amusing.

The biggest searches were for ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Logan’, ‘Dark Knight’, and ‘Transformers’.

The two most searched for movies not available in 4K are ‘Avatar’ and ‘The Matrix’.

The funniest misspellings:
“TRANSFARMERS” –  John Deer now prefers to be called Jane Deer.
“ASSASSASSins” – These hitmen have an extra butthole.
And finally a compilation of terrible…

…for the record, it is spelled “Apocolypse” shit…  Apocalypse!

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